How to Recover Photos from Google Drive If You Lost Your Android Phone in 2023

How to Recover Photos from Google Drive Lost on Android Phone Cheat 2023 All pictures and videos will be transferred to Google Drive. In this case, how to recover photos from Google Drive? So don’t worry because this article will guide you how to recover lost photos or videos from your phone. Read till the end without reference.

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Google Drive app

Now let us share with you the beautiful features of Google Drive app which will be very useful for you in your daily life.

However, remember that you have all kinds of media like SD card, flash drive and online store where you store your data. All these will be lost immediately due to mistakes, but Google Drive app will not lose your data.

Recover Photos

If you upload data to Google Drive, you should back it up daily. If you don’t want to update every day, confirm first. Open the Google Drive application and click on the top right menu and go to Settings. Click on Automatic backup option where you need to backup daily.

Google Drive has a dark theme. Enable dark mode in Google Drive.

You have additional Recover Photos options. Your data is automatically backed up when your mobile phone is on WLAN.

First, you have another Android phone. Add your email address to the Google Drive app. Once connected, make sure backup is enabled. You can easily Recover Photos your data from Google Drive.

Recover lost photos or videos from your phone in minutes.

If you don’t want to share your data with Gmail, you can keep large photos or videos, but only up to 20MB. Google Drive app allows you to share data up to 20MB.

First, upload the image to the Google Drive app.

Click the three dots on the right.

Click the Share link.

Copy the link.

Go to the Gmail app.

Send the document to the email address you want to send it to.

It’s easy to get photos and videos from your friends.

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